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Barbara Grover is an award winning  freelance photojournalist,  documentary photographer and visual communications consultant. Her passion for visual storytelling developed while working as a political consultant, where she conceived and executed image-driven campaigns to affect social change. She won the prestigious Ernst Haas award in photojournalism for her images of the Los Angeles Riots. Barbara’s passion for storytelling has evolved to include multimedia work in combining still photography, video and audio to distill complex world issues into compelling human narratives.

Recognized for her ability to break down stereotypes and unveil an unexpected side of everyday issues, Barbara’s work has appeared internationally and domestically in numerous print and online publications including Time, CNN, Stern and several Rizzoli publications. She has exhibited in solo and group shows at home and abroad, including the prestigious biennial, FotoFest, Houston, the Biennale Internationale Saint-Etienne, and Soleil Jaune, Paris. Her multimedia piece, “The Women of Iridimi” was presented before the United Nations High Commission of Refugees and at the Humanitarian Symposium in Geneva in 2008. Her series called, “This Land to Me – Some Call it Palestine, Others Israel” has been incorporated into a unique curriculum in collaboration with The Michael Harrington Center for Democratic Values and Social Change at Queens College, New York. In 2011, Barbara was commissioned by the anti-hunger organization MAZON to document the new face of hunger in America—an ongoing project that tells the personal stories of impacted Americans through photographs and first person narratives. Today, Barbara primarily shoots for nonprofits and international humanitarian organizations, including Safi International, Whole Child International and the Jerusalem Foundation.

Based in her native Los Angeles, Barbara has traveled to over 40 countries to date. She is represented by ScarletWorks. 


Ph: 323 913-9202